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Jessica Jung, Lee Donghae, Im Yoona, Kim Kibum, Ok Taecyeon, Krystal Jung, Choi Minho, Super Junior, SNSD, 2pm, Fx, SHINee, Song Joongki, Jung Yonghwa, CN Blue, Kim Hyunjoong and others (The Characters would be added as the story progress)



This is a Super Generation fanfic but the story focuses more on Haesica. This is my very first fanfic, I hope you would like it and subscribe and comment. The title of the story if My J which is the song sang by SNSD in the album The Boys.

The story is about a boy and a girl who live right next to each other. The boy and the girl are neighbors. They practically hate each other at first but when they get to know each other they became friends. The boy always help the girl whenever she is in trouble. They love spending time with each other. The girl and her family was about to leave Korea and live in America. The boy was very sad since his only friend girl would go. After 10 years the boy doesn’t remember anything about the girl except that her name starts with J since when they were kids he carve a heart with A + J in it. The girl also went back to Korea and the girl remembers the boy’s face and the name she use to call him which is Aiden. Would they be able to recognize each other when they meet? or Would they develop their feelings for each other? or Would the people around them bring them together? or Would people close to them break them apart? or Would destiny be kind to let them meet? or How would they cope up to this problems? Would they face it? or Walk away ?


My J

When people say that you get prettier when you’re in love-

I guess that’s really true
I’m always smiling for no reason and without knowing, I resemble you
It’s definitely weird

Soft but sometimes thick and clear and slightly bright
I love you My J, My My J My J, I love you
With me-

* When I am together with you I am so happy
Can you see? My heart is together 365 every day
When I see you, I don’t know what to do
I’m so obvious that I just start laughing
What do you? I can’t live without you My lovely J

Even as I’m walking, even when I’m laying down
I unexpectedly burst out laughing and roll around for a while
You, whom I hoped for such a long time, is finally by my side
I can’t believe it

Elegantly, but sometimes lightly – brightly but a little softly
Will you appear to me My J, My My J My J, I love you
With me –

* repeat

What should we do now? I pinch myself in case it’s a dream
But in front of me, you are really there, it’s really you
I love you so much My J

* repeat




–  Cold towards other people but warm towards people she care about

–  Strong on the outside but inside she is really weak

–  Hates cucumbers

–  loves to go shopping an buying limited edtion items

–  rich and is interested in fashion

–  loves taking pictures especially herself or with her friends

–  good in singing, playing soccer and tennis

–  fells in love with Donghae not knowing he is Aiden the boy that she love ten years ago

– Lives in California but decided to follow her bestfriend Tiffany to Korea

–  Yoona’s Friend

– Likes Pink


–  Cool, Rich, Caring, Gentle, Loving. Playful and thoughtful

–  Loves to tease Jessica

–  Loves to sing and write songs

–  Good in dancing and soccer

–  School’s Soccer Team Captain

–  Fells in love with Jessica unknowingly knowing his feelings for her change

–  One of the school’s Kingka



–  Nice, Rich, Spoiled, Cheerful, Friendly, Beautiful and Kindly

–  Likes Donghae and tries to do anything to get his attention

–  Good in Dancing and Acting

–  President of the Drama Club

–  Jessica’s Friend

–  One of the school’s Queenka



–  Silent, Cold towards others, Gentle, Caring, Thoughtful and Nice

–  Likes Yoona but don’t know how he can express his feelings knowing Yoona likes Donghae so He just became a good Oppa to her

–  Likes taking pictures especially when he sees Yoona, when he have a chance takes a picture of her

–  member of the Photography Club

–  Use to be a member of the student but quit when Siwon found out of his feelings for Yoona

– Donghae’s Bestfriend

– Use to be One of the School’s Kingka but due to his argument with Siwon, he tries to avoid the group when Siwon is there




– Nice, Caring, Loves to shop, Thoughtful, Cheerful and Friendly

– Has a Cute Eye Smile

– Jessica’s Bestfriend

– Loves Pink

– has an interest in fashion

– Helps Siwon to get close with Yoona but in the end she falls in love with her

– Lives in California but move to Korea because of his Father’s work

– good in singing



– Smart, Polite, Nice, Caring and Gentle

– Likes Yoona

– Asks Tiffany to help her get close with Yoona but unknowingly his feelings change and fell in love with Tiffany

– has an Obsessive Compulsive order

– President of the Student Council

– Donghae’s Bestfriend

– One of the School’s Kingka



– Smart, Nice, Polite, Kind, Caring and Friendly

– Vice President of the Student Council

– A Scholar

– Likes goguma and Keroro

– Has a secret that she doesn’t want people to know, only Jessica, Tiffany and Taeyeon knows her secret

– good in singing



– Nice, But sometimes rude to his hyungs, Smart, Caring and Cool

– Likes to play games especially StarCraft

– Doesn’t belong to any club because he rather play star craft than join any club

– Likes to draw but no one knows this except for Kibum

– Discovers Seohyun’s Secret and threatens her in exposing her secret

– unknowingly falls inlove with SeoHyun

– Donghae’s Bestfriend

– One of the School’s Kingka



– Dorky, Clumsy, Friendly, Kind, Caring and Cheerful

– LeeTeuk’s Bestfriend

– Likes Siwon but doesn’t know if she is confuse with her feelings for Siwon and her bestfriend LeeTeuk

– President of the Music Club

– Jessica’s Bestfriend

– good in singing



– Funny, Kind, Caring, Nice and Mature

– Taeyeon’s Bestfriend

– helps Taeyeon get close to his friend Siwon eventhough he has feelings for her

– Good in Sports

– School’s Basketball Team Captain

– Leader of the group

– Donghae’s Bestfriend

– One of the School’s Kingka



– Cute, Caring, Nice, Friendly, Cheerful and Thoughtful

– Has a Cute Aegyo

– Loves Cute things especially Bunnies

– member of the Music Club

– Jessica’s Friend

– Yoona’s Bestfriend

– One of the School’s Queenka

– good in singing

– likes Sungmin but is just shy in expressing her feelings for him



– Nice, Playful, Cool, Polite and Gentle

– Likes Cute Stuffs

– Has a Cute Aegyo

– Likes to take pictures

– Good in singing and playing instruments

– President of the Photography Club

– Likes Sunny but don’t know how to express his feelings for her



– Nice, Playful, Funny, Caring and Kind

– likes to eat

– Hates Ryeowook but later develop feelings for him

– good in Dancing

– Member of the Dance Club

– Minho and Siwon’s cousin

– Yoona’s Bestfriend

– Jessica’s friend

– One of the School’s Queenka



– Smart, Obedient, Nice, Caring and Thoughtful

– Secretary of the Student Council

– Likes to follow Siwon but Siwon finds it annoying

– good in singing

– likes to cook

– likes Sooyoung but don’t know how to express so he always ends up fighting with her

– Donghae’s Bestfriend

– One of the School’s Kingka



– Nice, Caring, Funny and Rich

– Hates Playboys

– Likes Minho

– Hates Yesung

– Good in Dancing

– Member of the Dance Club

– Yoona’s Bestfriend

– Jessica’s friend

– One of the School’s Queenka



– Cool, Playful, Funny, Kind and Caring

– Hates Yuri but later develop feelings for her

– Lead Vocalist of the band SuGen

– likes girls

– good in singing

– Donghae’s Bestfriend

– One of the School’s Kingka



– Nice, Caring, Funny and Kind

– Eunhyuk’s Girlfriend

– Good in dancing

– People call her the Dancing Queen

– member of the Dance Club

– Yoona’s Bestfriend

– Jessica’s friend

– One of the School’s Queenka



– Nice, Friendly, Caring, Cool and Funny

– Hyoyeon’s Boyfriend

– Likes to dance and challenge Hyoyeon to a dance off

– President of the Dance Club

– People call him the Dancing Machine

– Donghae’s Bestfriend

– One of the School’s Kingka



– Jessica’s Sister and Bestfriend

– Nice, Caring, Kind, Thoughtful and  loves to Shop

– Cares for her Sister and fights people who hurt her sister

– Fells in love with Minho at first sight

– good in singing and dancing

– Followed her sister to Korea



– Cool, Nice, Kind and Gentle

– Siwon’s Brother

– Good in Sports

– hates it when people compare him with his brother

– Member of the School’s Basketball team

– Likes Yuri



– Nice, Caring, Cool and Gentle

– Likes Jessica

– Friends with Jessica and Tiffany in California

– Decided to follow Jessica to Korea

– Jessica’s Fiance

– Doesn’t let Donghae get close to Jessica

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