Chapter 3: Let’s be friends

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Donghae’s POV

My mom had to go to work so she woke me up early.

“Donghae-yah, I have to get to work so wake up.” Donghae’s mom said

“Just 5 minutes more……”I said

“Hurry up; I’m going to be late.”Donghae’s mom said

“It still early to go to school…….You should just leave me and I’ll go to school on my own” I said

“Fine………….But you have to walk to school since Mr. Park is going to take me to my meeting and get Taemin to his school……..”Donghae’s mom said

“Ok, just go……..”I said and went back to sleep

My mom and my brother Taemin left and I am still in my room sleeping.

Then my alarm clock is ringing and when I look at what time is it I quickly got up.

“Aish!!!!! It’s only 20 minutes left and It takes 10 minutes to walk to school.” I said to myself

I quickly take a shower and brush my teeth. After that I change my clothes and quickly get my bag and go downstairs. I just grab a sandwich and milk and went outside. I was running towards the school.

The school gates close so I went in through the fence in the garden. I saw someone who is in the pond so I went and get closer to see who it was. I then recognize who it was. It was that girl again. What is she doing there?? I went near the pond and said to her “Are you crazy? What are you doing there? Are you there to have a swim?”

She then look up and said to me “It’s none of your business…….”

I then saw her looking for something and I saw her things on the bench and it looks like its wet.

“Did you lose something?” I ask

“Why do you care???” Jessica said

“It’s just that you’ll get sick you know…….” I said

She just ignores me and continues to look for it. I saw her crying. I pity her so I just remove my shoes and roll my pants up. I went in the pond.

“What are you doing?” Jessica said

“I’m helping you out. What is the thing you are looking for?” I said

“But you’ll get wet” Jessica said

“It’s fine. My dad said handsome men can’t be hurt by water.” I said

“Handsome??You mean You??? Ah……You’re a fish so it’s okay for you to be in the water…..”Jessica said and laughing at Donghae

“My face does not look like a fish. You know I’m trying to help you here and you’re making fun at me” I said

“Mianhe…..” Jessica said

“Fine, what is it that you’re looking for?” I said

“It’s my bracelet….”Jessica said

“It’s just a bracelet. Why don’t you just go buy another one?” I said

“Yah! It’s irreplaceable and it’s very important to me and if you are just blabbering things why don’t you just go?” Jessica said

“Mianhe…….what does it look like?” I said

“It’s a silver bracelet that has a lot of charms in it” Jessica said

I started looking for it. It’s been 1 hour since we were looking for it. Jessica and I keep looking and looking until I saw it.

“Jessica is this it??????”I said as I held out the bracelet

“Yes that’s it” Jessica said

I was going towards her until I slip and fell on my butt. Jessica saw it and was laughing at me.

“Ha ha ha ha ha……….that was very funny….I can’t stop laughing” Jessica said

“Stop laughing…….It is not funny” I said

“Here…….”Jessica said as she reaches her hand to Donghae

I grab her hand I pull her towards the water.

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha……..Now that was funny” I said

“Yah!!!!!!!” Jessica said and laughs

We were laughing so hard and I held out my hand to her. I grab her hand and she got up.

Our faces were close and my face turn a bit red. I quickly let go of her hand and move a little bit away from her.

“Here” I said as I handed her the bracelet

“Komawo, Donghae-yah…….”Jessica said smiling

“It’s nothing…..” I said

She went to the bench and get something from her bag.

“Thank God! It is not wet…….Here………”Jessica said as she handed me this box of peppero

“It’s okay, you don’t need to give me something……”I said

“Just take it…………I know it is not much but take it.”Jessica said as she puts it in my hand

“Thanks…….”I said

“Donghae, you’re really nice………I was wrong about you…”Jessica said

“Thanks……..You know I was wrong about you too………I’m sorry for the things I said to you last night….”I said

“It’s okay…..I also said bad things to you too…..Mianhe” Jessica said

“I think we were both wrong so I accept your apology.” I said

“Well I accept your apology too……….let’s be friends what do you think? “Jessica said

“Okay….friends” I said as I held out my hand

She then shakes my hand

“Let’s go” Jessica said as she get her bag and hold my hand and started running

“Where???” I said

“To the infirmary” Jessica said

“Yah! Do you know where it is?” Donghae said

We stop running and then Jessica said “I don’t know”

I hold her hand tight and said “Aish!!!!! I’ll take you there”

We arrive at the infirmary and the infirmary doctor was there. She was shock to see us wet

“Oh My Gosh! Why are you two wet?” The infirmary doctor said

“We fell on the pond” Jessica and I said in unison

“Here dry yourselves up” The infirmary doctor said

“Komawoyo” Jessica said

“Thanks” I said

“Hey I never had seen you here. Are you possibly new here?” The infirmary doctor said

“Ah Ne, Jung Jessica-imnida……Nice to meet you” Jessica said

“Annyeonghaseyo Narsha-imnida, nice to meet you. If you need something come here” Narsha said

“Okay, Komawo.”Jessica said

“Do you have spare uniforms???” I said

“Ah Yes, Let me just get it in the teacher’s office” Narsha said and left

I look to my left and saw Jessica shivering

“Are you okay???”I said

“Yes I’m fine, there is no need for you to get worried” Jessica said

“I’ll be right back, just stay there and wait for me” I said and left

“Okay but……” Jessica said before she could finish her sentence I already left

“The doctor said not to leave” Jessica said

I went to the vendo machine to buy a hot chocolate. I grab my money and got 2 cups of hot chocolate. I went back as soon as I got the hot chocolate.

“Where were you???”Jessica said

“Here” I said and gave Jessica a cup of hot chocolate

“You went out just to get this, Komawo. You’re helping me  a lot today….I don’t know how else to repay you” Jessica said

“It’s nothing, we’re friends now right???”I said

“Yeah, we’re friends now” Jessica

The school infirmary doctor came back and we went to change in the bathroom. I already finish changing and I was just waiting outside for her. She went outside and was surprise to see me there.

“Ah Donghae, you scared me” Jessica said

“Are you done? Let’s go back to the infirmary to give them our clothes” I said

“Okay” Jessica said

We headed towards the infirmary and give the school doctor our wet uniform. Since 4th period will end and it is almost lunch time. We just stayed at the infirmary. The bell rang and it is lunch time.

“Jessica, do you want to eat with me?” I said

“I like to but I have to go to my Oppa since I didn’t go to school with him today. He might be worried. Bye” Jessica said

“Okay maybe next time…Bye” I said and leave

Why do I look disappointed? It is not like that I have a crush on her. Why do I feel something throbbing in my chest? Is it possible that I like her?

End of Donghae’s POV

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