Chapter 2: Hate U Love U

Hate U Love U - haesica seokyu sifany sunsun supergeneration taeteuk yoonbum - chapter image


Donghae’s POV

“You!” I said

“What are you doing here? Why do you know where I live?” She said

“Yah! I was just here because my mom asks me to give you this and for your information I live next door and I am not following you or whatsoever.” I said

Why do I have to see her here? I already saw her 5 times this day. Why of all people that this girl be our new neighbor.

“You don’t have to yell at me though” She said

“Yah! I am not yelling at you. It is just that you get on my nerves” I said

“Don’t call me Yah! You always say yah, yah this yah that. I have a name you know so you don’t have to call me yah” She said

“I have a name too you know and you never call me my name too” I said

“Well Donghae-sshi, are you happy now.” She said

“Well you know my name, Jessica-sshi” I said

“You know what I really hate you. You’re arrogant, rude and hot tempered.” Jessica said

“It is not like, I like you either. You’re annoying, hot tempered and most importantly a slut” I said

“Yah! I am not a slut and what makes you said that” Jessica said

“Well I saw you flirting with those junior high students earlier” I said

“Yah! I am not at a slut and I was just with my brother and his friends. And what are you my boyfriend acting like you’re jealous.” Jessica said

“Yah!…..I…I….am….not……je….jealous. It is just that it looks like your flirting with them” I said

“Yah! Would you just please give me the cake and leave” Jessica said

“Yah! It is not like I want to stay here” I said

I was arguing with her until I heard a voice coming towards us.

“Sooyeon-na, what are you doing at the door yelling?” He said

End of Donghae’s POV

Jessica’s POV

I was arguing with this Donghae kid when I heard my brother talking and coming towards us

“Oppa, I am not yelling. It was just that this kid was giving us a cake”I said

“Who is this kid? And why is he giving us a cake?” Ilwoo said

“Oppa this is Donghae our neighbor and he is one of my classmate. He is just here because his mom ask him to give this cake to us” I said

“Ok. Anyeonghaseyo Jung Ilwoo-imnida. I am Sooyeon’s brother nice to meet you” Ilwoo said and bow to Donghae 90 degrees

“Anyeonghaseyo, Lee Donghae-imnida. Here is the cake my mom ask me to give.” Donghae said and bow to him 90 degrees and gives the cake to Ilwoo

“Kamsamhamnida” Ilwoo said

“It is nothing. I am going now. Anyeong” Donghae said and leave

We close the door and I went to the kitchen and put the cake in the refrigerator. I went to the living room and saw my brother. I went and sit on the couch.

“He is a nice kid” Ilwoo said

“Huh? Nice kid?” I said and laugh

“Sooyeon-na, Why are you laughing?” Ilwoo said

“Oppa, he is not nice kid. He is mean, rude, arrogant and hot tempered. He even call me slut” I said

“What did you just say? He called you a slut? Why that kid? I am going to punch that kid” Ilwoo said

“Oppa! Don’t! I’ll deal with him myself. You don’t have to punch him. Do you want to be suspended from school.”I said

“Sooyeon-na, What if he does something to you?” Ilwoo said

“Oppa! I can do it and if I ever get in trouble, I’ll call you for help. You would be always there to protect me right.” I said

“Fine but if he ever calls you that again. I’ll punch him.” Ilwoo said

Ilwoo oppa, hugs me and rubs my head. Then my sister Krystal went towards us.

“Oppa, Unnie what are you doing there?” Krystal said

“We’re having a brother and sister time.” Ilwoo said

“Oppa, Let me join too” Krystal said

Krystal went towards us and Ilwoo oppa hugs us. Then the maid calls us that dinner is ready.

“Miss Jessica, Miss Krystal and Master Ilwoo the dinner is ready.” the maid said

“Coming….”I said

“Come on, let’s eat dinner” Ilwoo said

End of Jessica’s POV

Donghae’s POV

I saw his brother coming our way so I was kind of silent. I introduce myself to him and gave the cake. I said goodbye to them and went outside. She said I’m jealous, me Lee Donghae jealous. I don’t even like her. Who does she think she is me arrogant, rude and hot tempered.  I really hate the girl.

I went towards our house and then my brother called me.

“Hyung, where did you go? Why do you look like you’re pissed off?” Taemin said

“Ah, Taemin-ah. I just went to the neighbor’s house because mom asks me to give a cake to them.” I said

“And why do you look pissed off?” Taemin said

“Me pissed off, Me………I am not pissed off ok” I said as I was heading to the stairs

“Ok, If you said so. Yah! Hyung you’re not going to eat dinner?”Taemin said

“I think I’ll pass”I said

“Even if it is your favorite shrimp” Taemin said

“No thanks”I said and went upstairs to my room

“Wow, it is the first time hyung didn’t eat dinner and he didn’t even give in even though it is his favorite shrimp.” Taemin said

In Donghae’s room

I’m so pissed off, I realy hate that girl. I really hate her especially her guts to fight me Lee Donghae the most popular kid in Grade school. Who does she think she is? She just move here and be able to humiliate me, wake me up from my sleep and saying bad things about me whom she didn’t even know me. We just met and she already judging me.

“Aish!!!! I’ll stop thinking about it. I should just sleep.” I said to myself

End of Donghae’s POV

The next day Jessica woke up early to get ready for school, but her brother was still asleep so she just went to school leaving his brother.

She was walking to school since she and his brother don’t want to have their driver drive them from their house to school. Jessica don’t want to have a driver to take her and get her from school every day is because of what happened before they move to Seoul.


Jessica and her family live in Busan when she was 3 years old. They move there from America. She was very happy coming to Korea since it was her first time to be there. Her parents were commuting there from Seoul since they have wok there. The maids were the only one who takes care of her and her brother and sister.

Since her parents aren’t there to drop them off and get them from school, they have a driver to do that. When She arrive first in school everyone was talking about her. In her stay in school everyone manipulated her and try to get Jessica give them her food or her things. She only made one true friend in that school and that was Yoona. She was the only one who played with her. Then rumors spread in the whole school about her and they always bullied her and throw things at her. She ignore it for 4 years and she didn’t even tell it to her parents or her brother and sister. It was when her brother saw it and he told his parents about it and they move here to Seoul.

She told her parents to not have a driver to pick them up from school since she doesn’t want to stand out anymore and not repeat what happened in her old school.

end of flashback

I should just wake Ilwoo-oppa, it’s kind of lonely walking alone to school. How I wish Yoona was here. I should call her and tell her I’m okay now. I think I should make friends like my brother so that I wouldn’t be an outcast again. I was walking towards the school was there at the garden and I was looking around and I saw the school pond. I sat down the bench near it. It really is beautiful here. There are flowers surrounding the garden and there are lily pods in the pond. How I wish I can spend my day just like this. I was admiring the garden until my things fall in the garden.

“Sica you Babo…….Now all your things are in the pond……..Otteokke….”I said to myself

I went to the pond to get all of my things. I got my things but I can’t find my bracelet. I know that I was wearing it when I was getting my things. Maybe it fell off. It was the bracelet my grandma gave to me before she died. I was looking for it and crying and then a boy suddenly showed up and said “Are you crazy? What are you doing there? Are you there to have a swim?” I look up to see who it is. I was surprise to see who it was

end of Jessica’s POV

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