Chapter 3: Let’s be friends

Let's be friends - haesica seokyu sifany sunsun supergeneration taeteuk yoonbum - chapter image


Donghae’s POV

My mom had to go to work so she woke me up early.

“Donghae-yah, I have to get to work so wake up.” Donghae’s mom said

“Just 5 minutes more……”I said

“Hurry up; I’m going to be late.”Donghae’s mom said

“It still early to go to school…….You should just leave me and I’ll go to school on my own” I said

“Fine………….But you have to walk to school since Mr. Park is going to take me to my meeting and get Taemin to his school……..”Donghae’s mom said

“Ok, just go……..”I said and went back to sleep

My mom and my brother Taemin left and I am still in my room sleeping.

Then my alarm clock is ringing and when I look at what time is it I quickly got up.

“Aish!!!!! It’s only 20 minutes left and It takes 10 minutes to walk to school.” I said to myself

I quickly take a shower and brush my teeth. After that I change my clothes and quickly get my bag and go downstairs. I just grab a sandwich and milk and went outside. I was running towards the school.

The school gates close so I went in through the fence in the garden. I saw someone who is in the pond so I went and get closer to see who it was. I then recognize who it was. It was that girl again. What is she doing there?? I went near the pond and said to her “Are you crazy? What are you doing there? Are you there to have a swim?”

She then look up and said to me “It’s none of your business…….”

I then saw her looking for something and I saw her things on the bench and it looks like its wet.

“Did you lose something?” I ask

“Why do you care???” Jessica said

“It’s just that you’ll get sick you know…….” I said

She just ignores me and continues to look for it. I saw her crying. I pity her so I just remove my shoes and roll my pants up. I went in the pond.

“What are you doing?” Jessica said

“I’m helping you out. What is the thing you are looking for?” I said

“But you’ll get wet” Jessica said

“It’s fine. My dad said handsome men can’t be hurt by water.” I said

“Handsome??You mean You??? Ah……You’re a fish so it’s okay for you to be in the water…..”Jessica said and laughing at Donghae

“My face does not look like a fish. You know I’m trying to help you here and you’re making fun at me” I said

“Mianhe…..” Jessica said

“Fine, what is it that you’re looking for?” I said

“It’s my bracelet….”Jessica said

“It’s just a bracelet. Why don’t you just go buy another one?” I said

“Yah! It’s irreplaceable and it’s very important to me and if you are just blabbering things why don’t you just go?” Jessica said

“Mianhe…….what does it look like?” I said

“It’s a silver bracelet that has a lot of charms in it” Jessica said

I started looking for it. It’s been 1 hour since we were looking for it. Jessica and I keep looking and looking until I saw it.

“Jessica is this it??????”I said as I held out the bracelet

“Yes that’s it” Jessica said

I was going towards her until I slip and fell on my butt. Jessica saw it and was laughing at me.

“Ha ha ha ha ha……….that was very funny….I can’t stop laughing” Jessica said

“Stop laughing…….It is not funny” I said

“Here…….”Jessica said as she reaches her hand to Donghae

I grab her hand I pull her towards the water.

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha……..Now that was funny” I said

“Yah!!!!!!!” Jessica said and laughs

We were laughing so hard and I held out my hand to her. I grab her hand and she got up.

Our faces were close and my face turn a bit red. I quickly let go of her hand and move a little bit away from her.

“Here” I said as I handed her the bracelet

“Komawo, Donghae-yah…….”Jessica said smiling

“It’s nothing…..” I said

She went to the bench and get something from her bag.

“Thank God! It is not wet…….Here………”Jessica said as she handed me this box of peppero

“It’s okay, you don’t need to give me something……”I said

“Just take it…………I know it is not much but take it.”Jessica said as she puts it in my hand

“Thanks…….”I said

“Donghae, you’re really nice………I was wrong about you…”Jessica said

“Thanks……..You know I was wrong about you too………I’m sorry for the things I said to you last night….”I said

“It’s okay…..I also said bad things to you too…..Mianhe” Jessica said

“I think we were both wrong so I accept your apology.” I said

“Well I accept your apology too……….let’s be friends what do you think? “Jessica said

“Okay….friends” I said as I held out my hand

She then shakes my hand

“Let’s go” Jessica said as she get her bag and hold my hand and started running

“Where???” I said

“To the infirmary” Jessica said

“Yah! Do you know where it is?” Donghae said

We stop running and then Jessica said “I don’t know”

I hold her hand tight and said “Aish!!!!! I’ll take you there”

We arrive at the infirmary and the infirmary doctor was there. She was shock to see us wet

“Oh My Gosh! Why are you two wet?” The infirmary doctor said

“We fell on the pond” Jessica and I said in unison

“Here dry yourselves up” The infirmary doctor said

“Komawoyo” Jessica said

“Thanks” I said

“Hey I never had seen you here. Are you possibly new here?” The infirmary doctor said

“Ah Ne, Jung Jessica-imnida……Nice to meet you” Jessica said

“Annyeonghaseyo Narsha-imnida, nice to meet you. If you need something come here” Narsha said

“Okay, Komawo.”Jessica said

“Do you have spare uniforms???” I said

“Ah Yes, Let me just get it in the teacher’s office” Narsha said and left

I look to my left and saw Jessica shivering

“Are you okay???”I said

“Yes I’m fine, there is no need for you to get worried” Jessica said

“I’ll be right back, just stay there and wait for me” I said and left

“Okay but……” Jessica said before she could finish her sentence I already left

“The doctor said not to leave” Jessica said

I went to the vendo machine to buy a hot chocolate. I grab my money and got 2 cups of hot chocolate. I went back as soon as I got the hot chocolate.

“Where were you???”Jessica said

“Here” I said and gave Jessica a cup of hot chocolate

“You went out just to get this, Komawo. You’re helping me  a lot today….I don’t know how else to repay you” Jessica said

“It’s nothing, we’re friends now right???”I said

“Yeah, we’re friends now” Jessica

The school infirmary doctor came back and we went to change in the bathroom. I already finish changing and I was just waiting outside for her. She went outside and was surprise to see me there.

“Ah Donghae, you scared me” Jessica said

“Are you done? Let’s go back to the infirmary to give them our clothes” I said

“Okay” Jessica said

We headed towards the infirmary and give the school doctor our wet uniform. Since 4th period will end and it is almost lunch time. We just stayed at the infirmary. The bell rang and it is lunch time.

“Jessica, do you want to eat with me?” I said

“I like to but I have to go to my Oppa since I didn’t go to school with him today. He might be worried. Bye” Jessica said

“Okay maybe next time…Bye” I said and leave

Why do I look disappointed? It is not like that I have a crush on her. Why do I feel something throbbing in my chest? Is it possible that I like her?

End of Donghae’s POV

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Chapter 2: Hate U Love U

Hate U Love U - haesica seokyu sifany sunsun supergeneration taeteuk yoonbum - chapter image


Donghae’s POV

“You!” I said

“What are you doing here? Why do you know where I live?” She said

“Yah! I was just here because my mom asks me to give you this and for your information I live next door and I am not following you or whatsoever.” I said

Why do I have to see her here? I already saw her 5 times this day. Why of all people that this girl be our new neighbor.

“You don’t have to yell at me though” She said

“Yah! I am not yelling at you. It is just that you get on my nerves” I said

“Don’t call me Yah! You always say yah, yah this yah that. I have a name you know so you don’t have to call me yah” She said

“I have a name too you know and you never call me my name too” I said

“Well Donghae-sshi, are you happy now.” She said

“Well you know my name, Jessica-sshi” I said

“You know what I really hate you. You’re arrogant, rude and hot tempered.” Jessica said

“It is not like, I like you either. You’re annoying, hot tempered and most importantly a slut” I said

“Yah! I am not a slut and what makes you said that” Jessica said

“Well I saw you flirting with those junior high students earlier” I said

“Yah! I am not at a slut and I was just with my brother and his friends. And what are you my boyfriend acting like you’re jealous.” Jessica said

“Yah!…..I…I….am….not……je….jealous. It is just that it looks like your flirting with them” I said

“Yah! Would you just please give me the cake and leave” Jessica said

“Yah! It is not like I want to stay here” I said

I was arguing with her until I heard a voice coming towards us.

“Sooyeon-na, what are you doing at the door yelling?” He said

End of Donghae’s POV

Jessica’s POV

I was arguing with this Donghae kid when I heard my brother talking and coming towards us

“Oppa, I am not yelling. It was just that this kid was giving us a cake”I said

“Who is this kid? And why is he giving us a cake?” Ilwoo said

“Oppa this is Donghae our neighbor and he is one of my classmate. He is just here because his mom ask him to give this cake to us” I said

“Ok. Anyeonghaseyo Jung Ilwoo-imnida. I am Sooyeon’s brother nice to meet you” Ilwoo said and bow to Donghae 90 degrees

“Anyeonghaseyo, Lee Donghae-imnida. Here is the cake my mom ask me to give.” Donghae said and bow to him 90 degrees and gives the cake to Ilwoo

“Kamsamhamnida” Ilwoo said

“It is nothing. I am going now. Anyeong” Donghae said and leave

We close the door and I went to the kitchen and put the cake in the refrigerator. I went to the living room and saw my brother. I went and sit on the couch.

“He is a nice kid” Ilwoo said

“Huh? Nice kid?” I said and laugh

“Sooyeon-na, Why are you laughing?” Ilwoo said

“Oppa, he is not nice kid. He is mean, rude, arrogant and hot tempered. He even call me slut” I said

“What did you just say? He called you a slut? Why that kid? I am going to punch that kid” Ilwoo said

“Oppa! Don’t! I’ll deal with him myself. You don’t have to punch him. Do you want to be suspended from school.”I said

“Sooyeon-na, What if he does something to you?” Ilwoo said

“Oppa! I can do it and if I ever get in trouble, I’ll call you for help. You would be always there to protect me right.” I said

“Fine but if he ever calls you that again. I’ll punch him.” Ilwoo said

Ilwoo oppa, hugs me and rubs my head. Then my sister Krystal went towards us.

“Oppa, Unnie what are you doing there?” Krystal said

“We’re having a brother and sister time.” Ilwoo said

“Oppa, Let me join too” Krystal said

Krystal went towards us and Ilwoo oppa hugs us. Then the maid calls us that dinner is ready.

“Miss Jessica, Miss Krystal and Master Ilwoo the dinner is ready.” the maid said

“Coming….”I said

“Come on, let’s eat dinner” Ilwoo said

End of Jessica’s POV

Donghae’s POV

I saw his brother coming our way so I was kind of silent. I introduce myself to him and gave the cake. I said goodbye to them and went outside. She said I’m jealous, me Lee Donghae jealous. I don’t even like her. Who does she think she is me arrogant, rude and hot tempered.  I really hate the girl.

I went towards our house and then my brother called me.

“Hyung, where did you go? Why do you look like you’re pissed off?” Taemin said

“Ah, Taemin-ah. I just went to the neighbor’s house because mom asks me to give a cake to them.” I said

“And why do you look pissed off?” Taemin said

“Me pissed off, Me………I am not pissed off ok” I said as I was heading to the stairs

“Ok, If you said so. Yah! Hyung you’re not going to eat dinner?”Taemin said

“I think I’ll pass”I said

“Even if it is your favorite shrimp” Taemin said

“No thanks”I said and went upstairs to my room

“Wow, it is the first time hyung didn’t eat dinner and he didn’t even give in even though it is his favorite shrimp.” Taemin said

In Donghae’s room

I’m so pissed off, I realy hate that girl. I really hate her especially her guts to fight me Lee Donghae the most popular kid in Grade school. Who does she think she is? She just move here and be able to humiliate me, wake me up from my sleep and saying bad things about me whom she didn’t even know me. We just met and she already judging me.

“Aish!!!! I’ll stop thinking about it. I should just sleep.” I said to myself

End of Donghae’s POV

The next day Jessica woke up early to get ready for school, but her brother was still asleep so she just went to school leaving his brother.

She was walking to school since she and his brother don’t want to have their driver drive them from their house to school. Jessica don’t want to have a driver to take her and get her from school every day is because of what happened before they move to Seoul.


Jessica and her family live in Busan when she was 3 years old. They move there from America. She was very happy coming to Korea since it was her first time to be there. Her parents were commuting there from Seoul since they have wok there. The maids were the only one who takes care of her and her brother and sister.

Since her parents aren’t there to drop them off and get them from school, they have a driver to do that. When She arrive first in school everyone was talking about her. In her stay in school everyone manipulated her and try to get Jessica give them her food or her things. She only made one true friend in that school and that was Yoona. She was the only one who played with her. Then rumors spread in the whole school about her and they always bullied her and throw things at her. She ignore it for 4 years and she didn’t even tell it to her parents or her brother and sister. It was when her brother saw it and he told his parents about it and they move here to Seoul.

She told her parents to not have a driver to pick them up from school since she doesn’t want to stand out anymore and not repeat what happened in her old school.

end of flashback

I should just wake Ilwoo-oppa, it’s kind of lonely walking alone to school. How I wish Yoona was here. I should call her and tell her I’m okay now. I think I should make friends like my brother so that I wouldn’t be an outcast again. I was walking towards the school was there at the garden and I was looking around and I saw the school pond. I sat down the bench near it. It really is beautiful here. There are flowers surrounding the garden and there are lily pods in the pond. How I wish I can spend my day just like this. I was admiring the garden until my things fall in the garden.

“Sica you Babo…….Now all your things are in the pond……..Otteokke….”I said to myself

I went to the pond to get all of my things. I got my things but I can’t find my bracelet. I know that I was wearing it when I was getting my things. Maybe it fell off. It was the bracelet my grandma gave to me before she died. I was looking for it and crying and then a boy suddenly showed up and said “Are you crazy? What are you doing there? Are you there to have a swim?” I look up to see who it is. I was surprise to see who it was

end of Jessica’s POV

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Chapter 1: The First Meeting

The First Meeting - haesica seokyu sifany sunsun supergeneration taeteuk yoonbum - chapter image

Chapter 1
Knock Knock Knock Donghae’s mother knock on the door of Donghae’s room
“Donghae-yah…… your friend Eunhyuk is already here to play with you” Donghae’s mom said
“Just………give me five more minutes……….Mom”Donghae said
“If you don’t hurry up……..I would not let you play outside…..”said Donghae’s mom
“Fine……”Donghae said
After freshening up and taking a bath, Donghae went down to eat breakfast. There he saw his bestfriend Eunhyuk waiting for him in their living room.
“Yah!………Hurry up and eat your breakfast so we can play already” Eunhyuk said
“Ok…….I’ll eat my breakfast…”Donghae said
Donghae hurriedly eat his breakfast and brush his teeth. He went to Eunhyuk and said goodbye to his mom.
“Bye……Mom…..I’m going to play outside with Eunhyuk”Donghae said and bow to his mom
“Bye……..Mrs.Lee” Eunhyuk said and bowed to her
“Just don’t come home late” Donghae’s mom said
“Ok Mom” Donghae said
Donghae and Eunhyuk went outside and play. They went to the park and went to the playground. They played with other kids. It was almost night-time went back to their home and saw someone is moving next door. He went inside his house and ask his mom.
“Mom, is someone moving next door.” Donghae said
“Yeah, They just greeted us a while ago. They have a daugter same age as you and the same age as Taemin” Donghae’s mom said
“ok…..”Donghae said
“Donghae, go upstairs and wash up and tell your brother to go down, we’re going to eat dinner.” Donghae’s mom said
“Ok Mom” Donghae
Donghae went upstairs and take a bath and change clothes. He then went to his brother’s bedroom.
Knock Knock Knock Donghae knock on Taemin’s room
“Taemin-na…………dinner is ready” Donghae said
“Yeah! Hyung…”Taemin said
They went downstairs and eat. After they eat they went to brush their teeth and go to sleep.
Donghae’s POV
It was the first day of school after the spring break, I took a bath and eat breakfast. I went to school together with my younger brother Taemin. We rode the car and our driver took us to school. The traffic light turn to red so we stop, then I was looking through the window of the car and saw a girl, I think the same age  as me riding the back of the bicycle together with a guy who I think is his brother. She is smiling and looking on the streets. The lights were green again, so th driver move the car, as we drove further and further away, I was thinking of that girl. We finally reach the school, I went to the school garden and lie down in the bench and take a nap. Suddenly I hear a voice calling me.
“Excuse me…..” a girl said
end of Donghae’s POV
Jessica’s POV
I was riding at the back of the bicycle together with my brother Ilwoo. It is the first day of school since we move yesterday. I hope that I don’t get lost and other kids will like me. We arrive at school and went to the office and get our schedule.
“Sooyeon-na, would you want me to accompany you to your classroom.” Ilwoo said
“Oppa, Gwaenchanayo. You go ahead to your classroom and I’ll just go on my own.” I said
“Are you sure your okay by yourself?” Ilwoo said and I nodded at  him
“Okay! Just be sure to wait for me after school, so we can go home together” Ilwoo said
“Ne Oppa, Annyeong…..”I said to him as he wave and went to his class
I was looking around the school to find my classroom but I just can’t find it and then I found myself walking on the school garden. I saw a boy sleeping on the bench. I went towards him and tried to wake him up.
“Excuse me…..” I said
“Yah! so annoying, can’t you see I was sleeping” the boy said
“Sorry to bother you, but can you show me where room 410 is?” I said to him
He scratches his head and said to me “Aish!!!!!!!!so annoying….”
“Well will you show me or tell me where it is?” I said
The bell rang meaning class would start. He then got up and yawn. He stretch his arm and started walking.
“Yah! I was asking where room 410 is and you just walk out” I said and started to cry
“Aish!!!!!!Would you please stop crying? If you don’t want to go there then dont follow me” He said
“Eh? Huh? What are you talking about?” I said as I wipe my tears
“That’s were I am heading to.” He said
“You mean were in the same classroom. You’re one of my classmates. You should said so earlier so I won’t yell and cry to you like that” I said to him
I followed him to where the classroom is. When we arrive at the classroom everyone is staring as us like they were shock to see me together with this boy. Then the teacher ask me.
“Are you the transfer student” the teacher said
“Ah, Ne seunsengnim” I said
“Well come here in front and introduce yourself” the teacher said
I went infront and introduce myself
“Anyeonghaseyo, Jung Sooyeon imnida but you can call me Jessica. Nice to meet you all” I said
“Ok Jessica-sshi go sit in that empty seat beside Mr. Lee Donghae. There at the back” The teacher said
Okay why would I sit beside this rude person. Why of all people why sit with him. He’s kind of rude and arrogant kid. So Donghae is his name kinda suits him because he looks like a fish ke ke ke ke. I went and sit down and this Donghae kid keeps on staring at me and I just ignore him and look away.
End of Jessica’s POV
Donghae’s POV
I look at the new girl and started thinking since she looks familiar like I saw her somewhere. And then I remember the girl this morning and it was her the girl who is smiling cheerfully while riding the bicycle. I just keep staring at her but she always look away. She then spoke up.
“Yah! Would you please stop staring at me okay. Is there something wrong with my face?” She said
“Ah..aa…ah…….Aniyo………..I wasn’t looking at you. Dont be so full of yourself.” I said
“Yah!” She yelled and everyone in the classroom heard it and look towards us. The teacher then said.
“Jessica-sshi, Would you please don’t yell in class? Now class, let’s proceed to our lecture.” the teacher said
I was looking at her and her face was red from embarassment. She look cute looking like that. Yah! What am I thinking. I just look away. I didn’t notice that class has ended and the bell rang and it is time for lunch.
I went to the cafeteria and look for my bestfriend Eunhyuk. I saw him with his classmate Shindong eating with so many foods in the table and I just approach them.
“Yah! Eunhyuk stop eating so many food. If you don’t you’ll be like this fatso over here” I said
“wh….at…….di…d…ummmmm”Shindong said while food in his mouth
“What did you say? Don’t talk with food in your mouth”  I said
“Don’t call me fatso. Do you want to fight with me?” Shindong said
“Yah! Don’t start a fight or would be in trouble again like last time”Eunhyuk said
“Yah! Don’t remind me. I was stuck in our house for a month, not going outside not unless I go to school or be with my family.” I said
Then the new girl started walking towards the empty table beside us.
“Who’s that girl? I never seen her here before?” Eunhyuk said
“She the new girl from my class, who woke me up from my nap” I said
“Ha ha ha ha” Eunhyuk and Shindong laugh
“Yah! Stop laughing” I said
“Yah! It is the first time, Sleeping Beauty been woke up by someone that easily.”Eunhyuk said
“Yah! Stop teasing me”I said
The girl stared at us and I saw her laughing. I look to her and said “Yah! Stop laughing at us.”
“I’m sorry…”the girl said and walk towards the exit of the cafeteria
“Look, what you’ve  done. You make the girl go away. She looks cute though.” Eunhyuk said and Shindong just nodded
“Aish!!!!!! I didn’t mean to but she’s laughing at us” I said
I am now eating my lunch. I was thinking that I was a bit mean to her. After I finish my lunch, I said goodbye to Eunhyuk and Shindong. I started to go for a walk to school until someone bump into me.
end of Donghae’s POV
Jessica’s POV
I didn’t finish my lunch because of that kid who do you think he is. Aish!!!!!!! He really is very mean, rude and arrogant. I should just go and find my brother. I walk towards the office and ask where the room of my brother is. They tell me he is in room 614. I was looking around but I can’t seem to find the room. I then bump into some kid.
“I am sorry….I really didn’t mean to bump into you” I said
“You again! Why do I keep seeing you?”He said
When I look up it was that annoying, mean and arrogant kid. Why do I always see him. I got up and said to him “I am really sorry……”I then started to run away from him as fast as I could. I then ask some students walking where room 614 is and they tell me that it is the 6th floor, right beside the Chemistry Room. I said thak you to them and I went to the sixth floor and look for the room. I saw the chemistry room and there it is my brother’s classroom. I went inside and everyone is staring at me until I heard someone calling me.
“Sooyeon-na!!!!Over here”the guy said and when I look around to see who it was. It was Ilwoo oppa. I went towards him.
“Anyeonghaseyo Oppa” I said
“What are you doing here?”Ilwoo said
“I just want to be with you. I miss you Oppa” I said
“Sooyeon-na what’s wrong?Tell me.”Ilwoo said
But before I can say it the school bell rang
“Bye Oppa, see you later” I said
I walk out of their classroom and went to my classroom and saw the teacher there already. I walk towards the door and everybody is looking at me.
“Jessica-sshi you’re late, go to your sit.”The teacher said
“I am sorry seunsengnim. I am lost on my way here.” I said as I go over to my seat.
I saw this kid again staring at me. Aish!!!!!!!!!!!!I should just ignore this kid and listen to the teacher.
The class has finish I went in front of the school waiting for my brother. I saw him walking with 4 guys and was waving at me. I guess he made friends with other people already unlike me. Oppa looks so cool walking with these guys.
“Sooyeon-na, let’s go”Ilwoo said
“Ne Oppa”I said
“Is that your sister? She looks cute.”the guy with the long hair said
“Ah…Yeah”Ilwoo said
“Oppa, Who are they?” I said
“Ah! They are my new friends. This guy over here is Kim Doo, Lee Yoowon, Woo Hyunwoo and Park Jihoo.”Ilwoo said
“Anyeonghaseyo, Jung Sooyeon-imnida, but you can call me Jessica. I am Ilwoo’s sister. Nice to meet you!”I said as I smile at them
“You really are cute” Kim Doo said
“Yah! Don’t tease my sister, Sooyeon-na let’s go. Bye guys see you tomorrow.” Ilwoo said and wave at them.
“Bye Bye”I said and bow to them
My brother and I rode the bicycle to go home.
End of Jessica’s POV
Donghae’s POV
I was riding the car together with Taemin and I saw that girl talking with a bunch of guys. I think junior high students. I thought she was been pick up by those guys. I told the driver to stop the car. As I was going down. I heard her call one of them Oppa. I went back inside the car and tell the driver to go ahead. I look at her, she is laughing and smiling. When we arrive home, I went to my room and change. I am playing games and then my mom call me.
“Donghae-ya can you go down” Donghae’s mom said
“Ne! Omma”I said
I went down and saw my mom holding a box of cake.
“Donghae-ya, Can you give this to our new neighbor.” Donghae’s mom said
“Omma! I don’t want to. Let the maids do it” I said
“Yah! If you don’t bring it, you won’t have dinner.” Donghae’s mom said
“Aish!!!!Fine” I said
I grab the box and went to the neighbor next door. I rang the doorbell and the speaker said.
“Who are you?” The voice said
“I am your neighbor’s son. I was ask by my mom to give you this cake.” I said
The gate open and I went to where the door is. I knock 3 times and then someon open the door.
“You!” I said
End of Donghae’s POV
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My J


My J - haesica seokyu sifany sunsun supergeneration taeteuk yoonbum - main story image



Jessica Jung, Lee Donghae, Im Yoona, Kim Kibum, Ok Taecyeon, Krystal Jung, Choi Minho, Super Junior, SNSD, 2pm, Fx, SHINee, Song Joongki, Jung Yonghwa, CN Blue, Kim Hyunjoong and others (The Characters would be added as the story progress)



This is a Super Generation fanfic but the story focuses more on Haesica. This is my very first fanfic, I hope you would like it and subscribe and comment. The title of the story if My J which is the song sang by SNSD in the album The Boys.

The story is about a boy and a girl who live right next to each other. The boy and the girl are neighbors. They practically hate each other at first but when they get to know each other they became friends. The boy always help the girl whenever she is in trouble. They love spending time with each other. The girl and her family was about to leave Korea and live in America. The boy was very sad since his only friend girl would go. After 10 years the boy doesn’t remember anything about the girl except that her name starts with J since when they were kids he carve a heart with A + J in it. The girl also went back to Korea and the girl remembers the boy’s face and the name she use to call him which is Aiden. Would they be able to recognize each other when they meet? or Would they develop their feelings for each other? or Would the people around them bring them together? or Would people close to them break them apart? or Would destiny be kind to let them meet? or How would they cope up to this problems? Would they face it? or Walk away ?


My J

When people say that you get prettier when you’re in love-

I guess that’s really true
I’m always smiling for no reason and without knowing, I resemble you
It’s definitely weird

Soft but sometimes thick and clear and slightly bright
I love you My J, My My J My J, I love you
With me-

* When I am together with you I am so happy
Can you see? My heart is together 365 every day
When I see you, I don’t know what to do
I’m so obvious that I just start laughing
What do you? I can’t live without you My lovely J

Even as I’m walking, even when I’m laying down
I unexpectedly burst out laughing and roll around for a while
You, whom I hoped for such a long time, is finally by my side
I can’t believe it

Elegantly, but sometimes lightly – brightly but a little softly
Will you appear to me My J, My My J My J, I love you
With me –

* repeat

What should we do now? I pinch myself in case it’s a dream
But in front of me, you are really there, it’s really you
I love you so much My J

* repeat




–  Cold towards other people but warm towards people she care about

–  Strong on the outside but inside she is really weak

–  Hates cucumbers

–  loves to go shopping an buying limited edtion items

–  rich and is interested in fashion

–  loves taking pictures especially herself or with her friends

–  good in singing, playing soccer and tennis

–  fells in love with Donghae not knowing he is Aiden the boy that she love ten years ago

– Lives in California but decided to follow her bestfriend Tiffany to Korea

–  Yoona’s Friend

– Likes Pink


–  Cool, Rich, Caring, Gentle, Loving. Playful and thoughtful

–  Loves to tease Jessica

–  Loves to sing and write songs

–  Good in dancing and soccer

–  School’s Soccer Team Captain

–  Fells in love with Jessica unknowingly knowing his feelings for her change

–  One of the school’s Kingka



–  Nice, Rich, Spoiled, Cheerful, Friendly, Beautiful and Kindly

–  Likes Donghae and tries to do anything to get his attention

–  Good in Dancing and Acting

–  President of the Drama Club

–  Jessica’s Friend

–  One of the school’s Queenka



–  Silent, Cold towards others, Gentle, Caring, Thoughtful and Nice

–  Likes Yoona but don’t know how he can express his feelings knowing Yoona likes Donghae so He just became a good Oppa to her

–  Likes taking pictures especially when he sees Yoona, when he have a chance takes a picture of her

–  member of the Photography Club

–  Use to be a member of the student but quit when Siwon found out of his feelings for Yoona

– Donghae’s Bestfriend

– Use to be One of the School’s Kingka but due to his argument with Siwon, he tries to avoid the group when Siwon is there




– Nice, Caring, Loves to shop, Thoughtful, Cheerful and Friendly

– Has a Cute Eye Smile

– Jessica’s Bestfriend

– Loves Pink

– has an interest in fashion

– Helps Siwon to get close with Yoona but in the end she falls in love with her

– Lives in California but move to Korea because of his Father’s work

– good in singing



– Smart, Polite, Nice, Caring and Gentle

– Likes Yoona

– Asks Tiffany to help her get close with Yoona but unknowingly his feelings change and fell in love with Tiffany

– has an Obsessive Compulsive order

– President of the Student Council

– Donghae’s Bestfriend

– One of the School’s Kingka



– Smart, Nice, Polite, Kind, Caring and Friendly

– Vice President of the Student Council

– A Scholar

– Likes goguma and Keroro

– Has a secret that she doesn’t want people to know, only Jessica, Tiffany and Taeyeon knows her secret

– good in singing



– Nice, But sometimes rude to his hyungs, Smart, Caring and Cool

– Likes to play games especially StarCraft

– Doesn’t belong to any club because he rather play star craft than join any club

– Likes to draw but no one knows this except for Kibum

– Discovers Seohyun’s Secret and threatens her in exposing her secret

– unknowingly falls inlove with SeoHyun

– Donghae’s Bestfriend

– One of the School’s Kingka



– Dorky, Clumsy, Friendly, Kind, Caring and Cheerful

– LeeTeuk’s Bestfriend

– Likes Siwon but doesn’t know if she is confuse with her feelings for Siwon and her bestfriend LeeTeuk

– President of the Music Club

– Jessica’s Bestfriend

– good in singing



– Funny, Kind, Caring, Nice and Mature

– Taeyeon’s Bestfriend

– helps Taeyeon get close to his friend Siwon eventhough he has feelings for her

– Good in Sports

– School’s Basketball Team Captain

– Leader of the group

– Donghae’s Bestfriend

– One of the School’s Kingka



– Cute, Caring, Nice, Friendly, Cheerful and Thoughtful

– Has a Cute Aegyo

– Loves Cute things especially Bunnies

– member of the Music Club

– Jessica’s Friend

– Yoona’s Bestfriend

– One of the School’s Queenka

– good in singing

– likes Sungmin but is just shy in expressing her feelings for him



– Nice, Playful, Cool, Polite and Gentle

– Likes Cute Stuffs

– Has a Cute Aegyo

– Likes to take pictures

– Good in singing and playing instruments

– President of the Photography Club

– Likes Sunny but don’t know how to express his feelings for her



– Nice, Playful, Funny, Caring and Kind

– likes to eat

– Hates Ryeowook but later develop feelings for him

– good in Dancing

– Member of the Dance Club

– Minho and Siwon’s cousin

– Yoona’s Bestfriend

– Jessica’s friend

– One of the School’s Queenka



– Smart, Obedient, Nice, Caring and Thoughtful

– Secretary of the Student Council

– Likes to follow Siwon but Siwon finds it annoying

– good in singing

– likes to cook

– likes Sooyoung but don’t know how to express so he always ends up fighting with her

– Donghae’s Bestfriend

– One of the School’s Kingka



– Nice, Caring, Funny and Rich

– Hates Playboys

– Likes Minho

– Hates Yesung

– Good in Dancing

– Member of the Dance Club

– Yoona’s Bestfriend

– Jessica’s friend

– One of the School’s Queenka



– Cool, Playful, Funny, Kind and Caring

– Hates Yuri but later develop feelings for her

– Lead Vocalist of the band SuGen

– likes girls

– good in singing

– Donghae’s Bestfriend

– One of the School’s Kingka



– Nice, Caring, Funny and Kind

– Eunhyuk’s Girlfriend

– Good in dancing

– People call her the Dancing Queen

– member of the Dance Club

– Yoona’s Bestfriend

– Jessica’s friend

– One of the School’s Queenka



– Nice, Friendly, Caring, Cool and Funny

– Hyoyeon’s Boyfriend

– Likes to dance and challenge Hyoyeon to a dance off

– President of the Dance Club

– People call him the Dancing Machine

– Donghae’s Bestfriend

– One of the School’s Kingka



– Jessica’s Sister and Bestfriend

– Nice, Caring, Kind, Thoughtful and  loves to Shop

– Cares for her Sister and fights people who hurt her sister

– Fells in love with Minho at first sight

– good in singing and dancing

– Followed her sister to Korea



– Cool, Nice, Kind and Gentle

– Siwon’s Brother

– Good in Sports

– hates it when people compare him with his brother

– Member of the School’s Basketball team

– Likes Yuri



– Nice, Caring, Cool and Gentle

– Likes Jessica

– Friends with Jessica and Tiffany in California

– Decided to follow Jessica to Korea

– Jessica’s Fiance

– Doesn’t let Donghae get close to Jessica

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